May 3, 2010

Don't Be Quiet - Share Your Amazing Birth Story!

You know if you're pregnant everyone has some advice for you. How you should do this or how you should do that. The other thing that often happens is that you will start to hear more birth stories. Not to make lite of the individuals who have had difficult births or things they wish they could change about their experience, but I think it's time to celebrate our amazing births.

If you had an inspirational birth tell your story. Don't be shy. Share what made your birth experience incredible. It doesn't have to be the birth you dreamed of or the one that was carefully laid out in your birth plan, but share it nonetheless. Your words of wisdom could help to empower and inspire other women throughout their pregnancy.

Don't be quiet. SHARE your amazing birth story!

Here. I'll start.......

While the birth of my twins was by no means the birth I thought I was going to have when I found out I was pregnant, it was very empowering. I went into labor on my own, I was able to see them being born via c-section and I had the support of my husband and amazing nurses that I had gotten to know during my antepartum stay in the hospital. If you wish to read the birth story of my twins visit my Twins Make 5 Blog. My experience was empowering because I was educated about my pregnancy and birth options and I strongly advocated to let my body and my boys make the decision about when they were going to come.

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